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Table 1 Country statistics

From: Neonatal, infant, and child mortality among women exposed to intimate partner violence in East Africa: a multi-country analysis

CountryYearPopulation (no.)GDP per Capita (USD)Crude Birth Rate per 1000Maternal Mortality per 100,000 Live BirthsUnder-5 Mortality per 1000 Live BirthsNeonatal Mortality per 1000 Live BirthsSexual Violence 15–49 Years
Burundi2015–201610.8 M285.73433471.724.223%
Kenya2014–201543 M1143.130.5362522214%
Rwanda2015–201610.5 M71932.6210502022.4%
Tanzania2015–201650.1 M86737.2398672517%
Uganda2015–201641 M580.442.1432642739%