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Table 2 Illustration of the analysis process

From: Unmarried women’s ways of facing single motherhood in Sri Lanka – a qualitative interview study

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Code
Interviewer (I): What did you feel when you got to know that you were pregnant? The despair when realizing the pregnancy made her consider suicide, but when consulting a friend she was encouraged to inform the family and discard suicide Considered and discarded suicide*
Participant (P): I felt like ‘Oh! What’s to be done’? I felt like committing suicide.
When I told that to my friend, she asked me not to do such a foolish thing, but to inform my family, and said that they wouldn’t let me down. So I thought   
I shouldn’t do that [commit suicide] and informed my family instead   
I: Although you thought of committing suicide you didn’t attempt it, did you?   
P: No   
  1. * The code was later part of the category ‘Expressing awareness of having trespassed norms of sexuality‘.